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'Look Away' now available on iTunes! Your support is eerrryythiiiinnggg. Lets get this sucker charting!! :)
I love a morning hike...but what I love more is that my collab with Steve Grand, 'Look Away' has nearly 100,000 views on YouTube and 350,000 views on Facebook, all in just 2 days! My 😢 has turned to a 😄 thanks to YOU! You all are the best and I love ya 💖 
Haven't seen it yet? Here it is 👉🏻
Last week I went through something very hard. The next day I filmed this video. When I saw the final edit, I questioned whether or not I wanted people to see me at my most vulnerable like this. But then I realized we've all been there and it made me want to share it with you.
x Eli 

Eli Lieb & Steve Grand - Look Away:
2 guys, 1 music video. Steve Grand
Writing with Forever In Your Mind! Love this song 🤘🏻

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Eli Lieb @RealLucasNeff how about lightbulbs that match Instagram filters so you can make your bedroom, Nashville, for example 4 minutes ago
Eli Lieb Thanks! 💖💖 2 hours ago
Eli Lieb My snapchat story this evening is good. Just sayin 16 hours ago
Eli Lieb I'll snapchat it for you. 2 days ago
Eli Lieb RT @mdlindemulder: @elilieb Wait if two guys take a picture together they aren't necessarily dating? 2 days ago
Eli Lieb Why do people always assume that if Im in a picture with another man, he is my boyfriend? Its funny logic. If I have a BF Ill let you know👍🏻 2 days ago
Eli Lieb My muscle was twitching all day yesterday. It was weird. 2 days ago
Eli Lieb 👻👻👨🏻 3 days ago
Eli Lieb My friend told me I look like a schoolboy hiker today. Pretty accurate. 4 days ago
Eli Lieb @RobertRave I'm talking the constant flow and always on insta liking liking liking 5 days ago
Eli Lieb Big thumbs down 👎🏻 lame. 5 days ago