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NEW VIDEO!! Watch -> (Full vid in top comment as well)
My cover of Pray You Catch me is now available on iTunes, Spotify, etc..!
NEW VIDEO! Im singing BeyoncΓ© - Pray You Catch Me! πŸ˜πŸ‹πŸ‘‘πŸ

WATCH on YT ->

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Eli Lieb 😁😘🌈 24 hours ago
Eli Lieb Honestly Im gettin' reeeall into this song Im working on. So different for me but Im digging it. Still writing, hen… 2 days ago
Eli Lieb @myfizzypop thanks for the wonderful write up!! 2 days ago
Eli Lieb RT @myfizzypop: Song of the day: gorgeous cover on #CastleOnTheHill by @elilieb #EdSheeran 2 days ago
Eli Lieb RT @LucasAbate: The best song I've heard to day!! Awesome @elilieb 2 days ago
Eli Lieb Planet Of The Deer 4 days ago
Eli Lieb @mikewassmusic to be fair, I dont think anyone can pull that off. Even if youre wearing it, youre not pulling it off. Youre just wearing it. 4 days ago
Eli Lieb For the modern day Assassins Creed man 4 days ago
Eli Lieb Totally blown away by this. IMO, this is @katyperry's best video. 4 days ago
Eli Lieb Would love to do that 6 days ago
Eli Lieb @mapb1997 I'm very happy with how this one is turning out 😁 6 days ago