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Promo photo from when I sang on Hands last month
Writin dem songs with John Feldmann and Ivy Levan
Metallica shirt + That Poppys guitar
This song is 🔥🔥🔥 w/ New Hope Club
Lou Reed. Had to get it.
Worked on something pretty epic today. You will know soon....

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Eli Lieb So beautiful 💖 1 week ago
Eli Lieb Promo photo from when I sang on 'Hands' last month 3 weeks ago
Eli Lieb Breaking my twitter silence to share this. This is a must watch. People, this is very serious 4 weeks ago
Eli Lieb Not going to be on twitter for the foreseeable future. If you want to be a part of my life in a positive way, find me on Instagram @elilieb 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb Well, I tested the Twitter water again, and it still is a nightmare. Later✌🏻️ 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb RT @SarahKSilverman: What is happening???!! 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb @OfficerNorman you are such a wonderful example of the good in this world. Thank you. 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb RT @enews: We need to talk about Leslie Jones' horrifying Twitter experience... #LoveforLeslieJ… 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb I'm not deleting my account but I'm taking a break from Twitter. Its become such a dark place that allows hate, and it's effecting my life. 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb Why do we allow such vocal hate and racism and just say "well, freedom of speech". It should be a punishable CRIME 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb In the same way, there needs to be a line drawn on Twitter to not allow so much racism and hate. Freedom of speech is bullshit 5 weeks ago
Eli Lieb If a boss calls someone "sugar tits" at work, they will hve a sexual harassment suit filed on them. Freedom of speech does have a line drawn 5 weeks ago