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Eli Lieb RT @enterprisecares: @MamaBear64 Thank you for contacting us! All three of our brands have ended the discount for NRA members. This change… 6 hours ago
Eli Lieb @playingwithu Absolutely 6 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @JoyAnnReid: When the @NRA warns that it represents some 5 million Americans, keep in mind that the total population of the U.S. is abou… 7 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @BeauWillimon: As of today, @Emma4Change now has more followers than the @NRA. It happened in less than two weeks. This is a movement.… 9 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @krassenstein: This is Conor Lamb. @ConorLambPA is running in a special election for Pennsylvania's 18th District on March 13. He's 33… 12 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Fun fact #1: ☑️ 4 million kids turn 18 before the 2018 election. Fun fact #2: ☑️ 17yo's can register to vote if they w… 13 hours ago
Eli Lieb @NovaHellion @Emma4Change Yes that’s the right word. Shameful. 16 hours ago
Eli Lieb It’s truly mind blowing *and disgusting* to see all these adults arguing with teenagers who just survived a horribl… 16 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @jimmykimmel: If you think the kids who survived the school shooting are part of a deep state conspiracy, you are too mentally ill to ow… 16 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @MichaelSkolnik: The young people will win. #BoycottNRA 16 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental have all dropped their partnership programs with the NRA. RETWEET… 18 hours ago