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Preview of my next cover on my snapchat story right now 😜 ...πŸ‘»@elilieb
Pretty excited about this Beyoncé/Nicki Minaj shirt. Also excited about the fact that my new EP is still on the iTunes pop charts! It peaked at 71 yesterday and is currently at 86, which is pretty amazing considering there was no promotion and I am 100% independent. You guys are awesome. Im definitely going to start putting out MUCH more music in the near future. This year is going to be different... ☺️
You guys!! You made my new EP chart on the iTunes pop charts!! (UPDATE: its now number 71!!!!!) Do you know how awesome that is? I had zero promotion or anything, and no record real. its ALL because of your support. Lets make it climb even higher! If you havent picked it up yet, your support literally is everything. Love you all!
Ive been eating a lot more chocolate lately, and its actually improving my life πŸ˜‚ thanks for the chocolate, Noahs Raw Chocolates!
SURPRISE! New EP out today!! I made a bunch of recordings back in 2012 that I never released. I thought I had evolved past them but decided to share them with you now because youve all been a part of my journey, so I want you to know every step Ive taken to get where I am today. They are imperfect, but still 100% me...A 2012 Eli ;) Available at all your digital stores - iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay. etc..!

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Eli Lieb @SeanMandell hahaha glad to help :) 53 minutes ago
Eli Lieb @SeanMandell just know it's completely about them. They have a lot to learn and are on their own karmic wheel. 1 hour ago
Eli Lieb @JarettSays that's what I would be doing. 24 hours ago
Eli Lieb @JarettSays and the episode isn't over. I have to save the rest for the morning. Too stressful 24 hours ago
Eli Lieb @JarettSays 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 24 hours ago
Eli Lieb @aaamanda_maeee save the tears for the walking dead! 😬 1 day ago
Eli Lieb @aaamanda_maeee omg that's amazing 1 day ago
Eli Lieb We can all get through this together πŸ’†πŸ» 1 day ago
Eli Lieb @JasontheScott omg I'm so nervous to watch it 😱 1 day ago