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Want to get to know MY Los Angeles? Read all about it on Queerty!
My second full covers album is now available on iTunes, and all other digital music services! Now I have 2 volume out.. I wonder how many more the future will bring.... :)
Hey you! Yes YOU! If you havent already, get out and VOTE!! There is literally no excuse not to. This election could not be more important. We cannot create a more peaceful world with fear and hate. We need to ensure that the rest of the world knows that we as the American people believe in the GOOD in humanity and want to try and create a more unified world for us all. More equality, more understanding, and more love. Those are the basic principals we need in order to heal this world. #imwithher #ivoted
Omg! Look Away w/ Steve Grand  has a million views!! So glad you all like this song so much! Maybe Steve and I should do another one.. 😏
Im finally releasing albums of my cover songs! Volume 1 is available now on iTunes and all other digital stores! Maybe you guys can get this charting on iTunes like you did my last EP! that would be AWESOME!!!! (*UPDATE* ITS CHARTING ON ITUNES CURRENTLY!! Let see how high we can get it!!!!!)

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Eli Lieb Got the masters back for 3 new songs! They are 100% finished πŸ‘ŒπŸ»and I'm working on many other new ones as well. Now gotta plan video shoots! 3 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @TayWeatherston: He's at it again!!! 😍😍😍 #EliForever @elilieb cannot wait to hear this!! 1 day ago
Eli Lieb It takes time! Going as fast as I can! I will start rolling them out soon... πŸ™ŒπŸ» 2 days ago
Eli Lieb Thanks!! I am writing and recording new songs aaaaalllllll day evvverrrry day 😁 2 days ago
Eli Lieb Just started this new song! What do you think?? I'm into it 2 days ago
Eli Lieb This is so good 3 days ago
Eli Lieb Thanks! I've got a bunch of other stuff out too! And I'm going to be releasing a lot of new music soon...! 5 days ago
Eli Lieb RT @cinders23: @Rosie Next Friday, put your TV on ANY channel that is NOT showing the crap going on in DC. 5 days ago
Eli Lieb Elieve... it sounds like some kind of pain killer. 🀣 6 days ago