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Lou Reed. Had to get it.
Worked on something pretty epic today. You will know soon....
Thank you for the shout out, Melissa Etheridge!! 💖
Last night, Brandon Skeie and I had the privilege and honor to be on Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC. We talked about our song 'Pulse'. 
Watch here -->
Tune in tonight to Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC!! Brandon Skeie and I are going to be on it talking about our song 'Pulse' and the events of the past week. Very soon.. 10pm eastern time. We are in the car being taken to the MSNBC studio right this second!
We have all been devastated by the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting. Brandon Skeie and I decided to write a song together to help show our support to the victims. This is that song.  #WeAreOrlando

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Eli Lieb This looks so good!! 11 hours ago
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Eli Lieb @larrysullivan I just watched 10 Cloverfield Lane and was going to DM you about it but it won't let me!! 24 hours ago
Eli Lieb This wearing two different shoes thing is really trying to happen. Let's hope it doesn't. 1 day ago
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Eli Lieb @thebossofyou living the dream. 3 days ago
Eli Lieb I care about everyone 💖 3 days ago
Eli Lieb I don't know why I'm so disturbed by national sunglasses day. Lol it just seems very weird to me. 3 days ago
Eli Lieb National sunglasses day? Really? 🙄 3 days ago