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Eli Lieb How did Tove Lo release an album last week but there is no mention of it anywhere? 13 hours ago
Eli Lieb Great song! 👇🏻 13 hours ago
Eli Lieb RT @mikewassmusic: Holidays are brutal for people who find themselves away from family - through distance, estrangement or loss. Please pra… 1 day ago
Eli Lieb Dear native Americans, I’m sorry you had your land stolen and your people slaughtered. Today I think about the inj… 1 day ago
Eli Lieb I love this. Something not to make us feel inferior because we aren’t 22 with a perfect body, but to inspire us tha… 2 days ago
Eli Lieb I haven’t seen daredevil yet but I’m already 3 episodes into Punisher. I guess I’ll watch them in reverse! 🤪 2 days ago
Eli Lieb Do I need to watch Daredevil before I watch Punisher? 2 days ago
Eli Lieb RT @KimKardashian: The system has failed. It’s heart breaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to fight bac… 3 days ago
Eli Lieb Is the fact that I don’t want to hear about my Uber drivers marital problem not polite? 6 days ago